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British Illustrator, UI & UX Designer

Nice to meet you 😊​

If you are looking for someone who can draw, design websites, photoshop, artwork, UI & UX, create vectors, or anything else design - you've come to the right place (or person, rather).


I have been freelancing since 2008 when I graduated with a BA Hons in Illustration from the University of Brighton. Since then I have worked for a variety of clients in projects ranging from web design, UI & UX, Accessibility audits, User testing, TV graphics, infographics, book illustrations to product design.

I am fully proficient in Figma, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, and XD (plus a bit of Premiere Pro).


If you have a creative requirement, I am available evenings and weekends on a freelance basis.


Skills and interests

Freehand Illustration / Drawing   ·  Graphic Design  ·  Web Design  ·  UI  &  UX  ·  Digital Accessibility  ·  Vector Artwork  ·  XD  ·  Photoshop  ·  Premiere Pro  ·  Illustrator  ·  InDesign   ·  Figma  ·  Photography  ·  Branding  ·  Marketing  ·  Packaging  ·  Photo Editing  ·  Video Editing  ·  User Testing

rotring isograph pen illustration
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